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A Done-With-You Approach To Better Health… All Naturally!

Chiropractic Care・Nutrition・Movement・Mindset

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Are You Frustrated With Your Health?

Do you feel frustrated by your level of health?

Is pain, or fear of injury, limiting your ability to do the things you NEED to do?

Do you feel like you’re dragging yourself across the finish line every day?

Do you just feel stuck?

Is pain, or fear of injury, preventing you from doing the things you WANT to do?

Do you have a nagging sense that your life could be better if only you had more robust health?

How We Build Robust Health


Your Nutrition

Some substances burn hot. Some don’t burn at all or may even extinguish a fire altogether. The same is true of the foods you eat. There are essential nutrients that you need to consume and certain items to avoid. The key is having simple & reliable guiding principles.


Your Movement

A fire simply will not survive without ample oxygen…and neither will you. This is just one of the many reasons why exercise is so incredibly important. When you move, oxygen is delivered to your tissues. Put simply…movement is an essential nutrient.


Your Mindset

Ignition is impossible without a spark. Our mindset is the intangible element separating success from failure, fulfillment from despair, joy from anger. Just as there are essential nutrients for sustaining your body, there are essential nutrients for sustaining your mind.

Discover How Bonfire Chiropractic & Wellness Has Helped Sea Coast Families Like Yours Cultivate Robust Health

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“It was frustrating not being able to live my life the way I wanted to.  My chronic pain was so limiting.  When I began chiropractic care, the change was almost instant.  My movement has improved.  It’s easier for me to keep up with my young son.  I’ve been to other chiropractors and have had good results.  My experience at Bonfire has been different…Healing just seems to be in Dr. B’s nature and you can see that immediately.  And that has contributed to my overall health.”

Lauren J.

Optimize Your Nutrition

Our approach is centered on addressing two key principles: Toxicity & Deficiency. Adherence to basic, though largely un-taught, principles of nutrition will improve outcomes for EVERYONE. Regular education on these principles is a cornerstone of our work.

Optimize Your Movement

Your body needs it to stay mobile, limber, and fit. Your brain also craves regular exercise. Daily movement translates into better function, fewer aches and pains, better health outcomes, and may even improve the way you feel when you look in a mirror.

Optimize Your Mindset

Including well-researched mindset practices into your daily routine can improve your overall health; your performance at work, home, and play; you can even amplify your ability to enjoy a rich, meaningful, and rewarding life. In short, your mindset matters.

Bonfire Chiropractic & Wellness Can Help All Types Of Patients

Expecting Mothers

Sufferers of Low Back Pain


Headache Sufferers


Victims of Fatigue

People Seeking A Competitive Edge

Sick Kids

People Wanting To
Feel Their Best

What Makes Bonfire Chiropractic & Wellness So Different?

The demands on you today have never been higher at any other time in history. At the same time the average American has never been more sedentary and their diet as never been worse.  The average American’s day consists of:

  • 10.5 hours on a digital screen…cell phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet
  • Over an hour of driving
  • Over 8.5 hours working
  • 36% of meals are fast food
  • 2 hours worrying about the future
  • 2 hours worrying about money
  • Over 5 hours worrying about children
  • 10 hours sitting down
  • 19 minutes exercising

In this wildly unnatural, hyper-stressful modern world we cannot simply adjust our way to excellent health. A more comprehensive approach is required. Enter Bonfire.

Chiropractor Different Portsmouth NH

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When fuel, air, and spark combine in nature, the natural consequence is fire. When nutrition, movement, and mindset combine in a human being, the natural consequence is robust health.  When those essential nutrients are not present, optimal health cannot be expressed.

While every doctor loves to contribute to a person’s triumphant health story – ending migraines, recovering from an injury, eliminating sciatica – what I really love is the issues that we never have to talk about, because they never happen. It’s a healthy and clear nervous system that helps us avoid injury, heal quicker when we do get hurt, and mount a faster, more robust immune response when we are inevitably exposed to things like bacteria and viruses.

We teach simple principles & practices to help you optimize your nutrition, your movement, and your mindset so that you can optimize your health. Optimizing your health isn’t just a rosy phrase here at Bonfire, it means you being able to do the things you need to do, get back to doing the things you love to do, and be the person that you want to be.

Chiropractor Continue Portsmouth NH

"My lower back issue affected everything I did including interacting with my children and my wife…It was very depressing knowing that my body wasn't reacting as well as I wanted it to…Not only is [chiropractic] gonna take care of your body, it will definitely help your mind as well because you’re going to be more positive in your daily activities."
Jeff Olsen



"It was a huge relief to have years of disappointment reversed almost, what felt like, over night…I would never go a week without going to the chiropractor. Overall I feel healthier, more aligned, my overall wellness is kicked up a hundred notches, not even a question."
Lise and Josh



"I felt immediately more relieved and was able to show up for my clients, my family, and my friends…I enjoy coming to Bonfire Chiropractic because Dr. Brett not only takes care of my spine but he also encourages me to be healthy in other forms of life…Your spine is life, love it!"


We created a wellness center that focuses on all aspects of health and large corporations trust us to improve the lives of their team

4 Easy Steps To Better Health


In nature, when fuel, air, spark, and accelerant combine, the natural & unavoidable consequence is fire. Your health is your bonfire… it requires fuel, air, spark, and an accelerant.

How Do We Help You Build Robust Strategies To Lead Your Family To Better Health

Chiropractic Care

Nutrition Coaching

Sleep Optimization

Proven Mindset Practices


What Is Your Current Level Of Health Actually Costing You?

  • How has your health limited your experience of life?
  • Who could you be if you could just move, function, and feel better?
  • Could you be more productive if you just had a bit more energy?
  • Could you show up for your family if you weren’t constantly in pain?
  • Could you get back to the activities you love if you weren’t constantly in fear of re-injury?

In other words… what has your current level of health cost you already?
And are you ready to finally do something about it? We’re here to help you take the first step.

Chiropractor Health Portsmouth NH
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