Brett Racine

Dr. Brett Racine


After a debilitating injury in 2008 that rendered me unable to walk, I was left frustrated by my lack of answers as to why this could happen to someone so young & so fit. I exhausted every option: X-rays, MRI, CT scan, cortisone injections, multiple epidurals, radio frequency ablation. Despite being in the pharmaceutical industry and having access to some of the most respected doctors around, I wasn’t healing, I wasn’t improving. I felt completely stuck. I was just 29 years old, an athlete competing at the professional level and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up, and couldn’t even control my bladder. To make matters worse, that sudden disability took away my primary identity as an athlete. The depression associated with that sudden loss was so severe that I regularly contemplated suicide.

It was ultimately two chiropractors in Vermont who got me back on my feet (Dr. Erin Sepic & Dr. Bill Schenck… thank you, docs!). In addition to providing me with world class care, they challenged the way I thought… they taught me that my body is intelligent; it knows how to heal; and it can heal. They taught me that the way to maximize this healing was to optimize the function of my spine & nervous system. Prior to that moment, no one ever taught me that I live my life through my nervous system and that if I wanted a healthy & strong body, I needed to have a nervous system that wasn’t stuck in a mode of chronic stress. My healing would be an inside out job, and I would be responsible for the outcome… not the doctor, and certainly not the prescription pad. Because of their guidance, I was empowered and supported. And as a result, I healed.

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This experience was so impactful that it changed the entire course of my life. At age 36, I left my 10 year career in pharmaceuticals & biotech sales to enter chiropractic school.

The concepts of personal empowerment and support that were so instrumental in my healing journey are the guideposts in my approach to clinical care today. I view chiropractic care not as a 50/50 partnership, but rather as a 100/100 partnership… meaning “I give you 100% and you give yourself 100%” and that’s when the most profound changes occur… and when the positive changes do occur, you get to own them.

While every doctor loves to contribute to a person’s triumphant health story – ending the debilitating headaches, recovering from injury, eliminating sciatica, eliminating chronic pain – what I really love is the issues that we never have to talk about, because they never happen. Which is why chiropractic care for kids is so important. Because it’s a healthy & clear nervous system that helps them avoid injury, heal quicker when they do get hurt, and even mount a quicker & more robust immune response when they inevitably do get exposed to things like bacteria & viruses.

This level of care, combined with the ever-present focus on nutrition, movement, and mindset help equip Bonfire practice members to cultivate the health they need to live a life that they love.