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Fuel + Air + Spark =

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Some substances burn hot, some not at all. The key is knowing what to look for.
We’ve got you covered.

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A fire can’t survive without oxygen.
Neither will you.
Movement is an essential nutrient.

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Spark is the source of ignition.
Mindset separates success from failure.
Sustaining your mind is essential.

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Your body is intelligent.  You never have to tell your heart to beat or your lungs to breathe.  You never have to tell your skin to heal when you get a cut, or your body to sweat when it’s hot or shiver when it’s cold.  All of that intelligence flows through your nervous system.  Think of it like a feedback loop between your brain and your body.  It’s this constant flow of information that keeps you healthy and healing.  

Sometimes the stressors of this wildly unnatural modern lifestyle overwhelm your nervous system, this leads to a condition called Subluxation.  Subluxation interferes with the flow of information between your brain and your body; when this happens, your health suffers.  You may start to experience symptoms, you may notice a decrease in your ability to move freely, you may notice yourself getting sick more easily than you used to.  Subluxation is at the root of many common health problems: headache, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, numbness & tingling in the hands or feet, anxiety, nocturnal enuresis, just to name a few.  

The truth is that subluxation sometimes creates no symptoms at all, but, like any condition, if left uncorrected it can lead to much bigger problems down the line.  

The safe, all natural, brain based chiropractic care here at Bonfire detects and corrects those subluxations before they lead to more serious issues.  This can restore your body’s natural ability to heal and in many cases enhance your ability to thrive.  

A healthy nervous system is fundamental to a healthy life…this is what makes chiropractic a lifestyle success strategy for a healthy human being.

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